Project Description


Few years ago I felt like I wasn’t living my life to the fullest and moved out of my rental flat, gave away most my stuff and bought a Ford Transit van for 1500€. Having been backpacking and hitchhiking through Europe earlier I wanted to be more independent and most important to have my dear dog Rebel with me on travels.

I’ve been sharing the adventures with visiting friends but few months also on my own. First time I traveled in Europe for one year covering about 20 000km across Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. Some people are interested in the costs so I spent approximately 5000€ altogether in a year. It saves so much money not having to pay for accommodation and I have never stayed on a camping area either since I prefer to find a secluded spot away from other people. Wild camping is really easy in almost all of Europe.

I also did volunteer work on a horse ranch in Andalusia, Spain, for a few months learning about bitless and barefoot riding. And found my other dog, Chaos, in that small village. A little puppy without a loving home now set for a life of adventure.

My second Europe tour lasted 6 months through Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Recently I’ve been adventuring in my homeland Finland, which I have fallen in love again after all the traveling.

All my belongings fit into the van and still I feel I have too much stuff sometimes! For me my van home means freedom. A rusty piece of metal on four wheels that has never broken down in 5 years, not even a flat tire! Having the opportunity to go wherever the road takes you and to wake up in the most stunning places makes you truly feel alive.

Minna, I deeply admire your adventures, I travel with you in my thoughts through your pictures. Keep posting your photos so I could visit all the magic places you have been!
Vanya Lazarova, Bulgaria
You are truly inspiring and giving me hope that living like this REALLY is possible!
Alanah, USA