Project Description


I was hired to photograph the customers of Hotel Ivalo on their safaris to offer them a photographic souvenir of their arctic adventure. Photographing night and day in Finland’s Lapland in brisk -40 Celsius/Fahrenheit during the polar night – darkness that lasts two months when the sun stays below the horizon, was a memorable challenge. Especially when half of the job consisted of photographing the speedy husky sledding and most of the customers didn’t speak English! I also led northern lights photography safaris for international groups and it was a joy to see people’s reactions for seeing the auroras for the first time in their lives.

Pictures are magnificent. We sincerely appreciate your photographing and your kindness. Thank you very much, we are very pleased to have this souvenir.
Maria, France
Thank you for the wonderful pictures, hope to be back soon.
Guy, Luxair
Thank you for sending me the photos.
We were able to greatly enjoy that lovely night.
I canno’t watch aurora in Japan.
We made the greatest memories.
Masahiro, Japan
Thanks for your kindness.
We were waiting your photos.
I’m very glad to see aurora and I believe it’s
fantastic experience for my children.
Thank you very very much to send good photo.
김은주, Korea
Thanks for the pictures. It’s great!
Siva, India
Many thanks! Wonderful experience and great photos! Enjoy the coming auroras also for us :-)