Nature is the biggest inspiration in my life and in photography. My love of nature began already as a little child as I adventured in forests with my parents, sat in a kayak as they paddled in Finland’s archipelago and slept whole summers in a tent on an island.

As a teen I found out that the best way to let out my creativity is by capturing moments and I graduated as a professional photographer from Pekka Halonen Academy in 2008. My strengths are my sense of humor, ability to create a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere and empowering photography. In my portraits I want to bring forth the subject’s personality as basic run of the mill photos don’t cut it for me.

After a few years of intensive traveling I have again fallen in love with Finland and Lapland, especially. In my free time you’ll find me exploring the woods with my dogs, gazing into the campfire or chasing after northern lights. It’s important to me to enjoy the surrounding beauty also in the moment – which is why the camera too often stays at home during my adventures. Recently though I’ve made an effort to document my personal ecstasies better and do post a lot of photos from along the trails to Instagram, for example. My photos have been published in lifestyle and fashion magazines and galleries in Finland and abroad.

Banner photo: Sanni Airaksinen


Voi Hyvin 4/2017

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus 12/2016
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Suomenhevosliitto 11/2016
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Voi Hyvin 10/2015

Kotivinkki 22/2014

FAE Magazine 21/2012
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9 Kuukautta 01/2012
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